Reheating Instructions

Skillet Method – The way you should really do it.”

Pros: Best results, tastes amazing.
Cons: You’ll have to clean a couple non-stick pans.

1. Remove food from disposable containers
2. Heat individual items in skillets on medium heat.
3. For entrees heat for about 5 minutes.
4. The time will vary based on item and thickness.
5. Vegetables only heat up for about 2 minutes (be careful not to overcook)


Oven Method – “I don’t have as much time.”

Pros: You can do other things while the food cooks, less to clean.
Cons: Not as delicious, food could be a little dry.

1. Remove lid from disposable container place container on a cookie sheet and reheat at a 350 degree oven for 8-10 minutes
2. You may also remove the food entirely from the disposable containers and reheat in your own dishes



Microwave Method – “I’m in a rush because my show is about to start.”

Pros: Push some buttons and the magic box produces food!
Cons: Can affect taste and texture. Not recommended.

1. Remove food from disposable containers and heat each item individually.
2. You can make a plate of all items but be careful not to overcook side items while trying to get the entrée to desired temperature.
3. The best method is to heat the entrée for 1-2 minutes then add side items to the plate and heat 45 sec – 1 min.